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Stop Temple/Mosque Visits in the FGBC

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CE National concerns: Is there a growing influence from Willow Creek and the emergent movement? 
Part I: CE National Concerns
Part II: EC Influence in CE National? , Part III: Reckless Recommendations, Part IV: The EC and BNYC: Is the EC Building Momentum?Part V: Further EC Concerns,Part VI: The DRIVEN Conferences, Part VII: Final Concerns
What about the 412 Commission’s visit to Rob Bell’s church as a “model ministry” stop? C.E. National: Where To From Here?

What’s so concerning about Willow Creek? Read this article and try to ask yourself, ‘Why are so many in our fellowship drawn to this ministry paradigm?’ Two weeks ago, under the oversight of bill Hybels, Brian McLaren urged hundreds of youth pastors to re-think the idea of an eternal Hell and questioned some of the events surrounding the Second Coming. Should this movement be something many of us are still involved in and promoting to our people? Is it a problem that CE National is sending their youth cabinet to the Willow Creek “Conspire” conference?

FGBC Concerns Revisited! Coming Soon…

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