PT. VI: DRIVEN Conference Concerns


CE National is also connected with the Driven conferences. A future article will prove this and introduce further points of concern.


According to Mike Jentes writing on the CE National website:


 “More than one hundred Grace Brethren people gathered at Kenyon College in Gambier, OH for the first young adult conference in the FGBC from June 15-18, 2005. DRIVEN, as the conference was called, had a theme of Engage, Accelerate and Incarnate.”


Its evident from this next quote that there was some level of emergent experimentation going on:


“The conference was encouraged to partake in a variety of “experiential” worship expressions—varying from time alone with God to a recreation of a medieval prayer labyrinth” (ibid.).


After this conference Jentes points people to the labyrinth, just in case you missed it:


“At DRIVEN we had a Prayer can sorta experience it online here:    :


A labyrinth? Keep in mind that this is a practice not far removed from paganism and definitely has in mind the contemplative mysticism being heavily promoted in the EC.